Vodafone Idea Likely to Launch New Brand Identity on Monday

Vodafone Idea, the telecom giant has geared up to relaunch its brand with a totally new identity and communication-related to it. The company is all set to disclose its new logo and mark that it will be placed at various service centers and outlets after making the official announcement. As per the latest report from the media sources, the company may launch a new advertising campaign besides the logo launch.

The new logo of Vodafone Idea features inverted ‘I’ and ‘V’. It symbolizes that the telecom firm Idea has been integrated with Vodafone. The red color of the firm’s previous logo has been preserved. The complete management and administration of the telecom company that has been derived from the merger of Idea Cellular and Vodafone India in August 2018 are anticipated to disclose the renewed brand positioning. The company has been currently confronting a critical business scenario in India where the parent company Vodafone Group is reluctant to invest any extra funds.

Vodafone Idea Likely to Launch New Brand Identity
Vodafone Idea Likely to Launch New Brand Identity

As of now, the company has planned to re-launch its new brand and there is a valid reason behind it. By launching its new brand, the company has planned to bring premium quality of calls and top tier services to its users. Moreover, this attempt of the company is to attract a new group of subscribers on the guarantee of assured call quality under this brand. The report also states that the company is seeking to develop and reach the maximum number of users.

The Idea Cellular firm had more number of users from rural regions while Vodafone is quite popular in urban locations. Considering this, the telecom operator has already tied up its postpaid plans under the Vodafone brand. However, the Vodafone Idea company has been gradually losing its subscribers because of the rapid advancement in the plans of its rivals Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel.

The company has witnessed a quick drop in its user base to about 280 million at the end of June from 408 million during the merger. The Revenue Market Share [RMS] of the company also declined 448 basis points [bps] in sequential order to 23.3% in the June quarter. As per the report of the analysts, the company’s bps points have been triggered due to the heavy declination in the market shares in urban regions. Meanwhile, there is a substantial growth in the 702 bps points to 41.8 percent of the market leader Reliance Jio in its Revenue Market Share in the April-June period. On the other hand, the RMS of Bharti Airtel also raised to 391 bps on-quarter to 34.8 percent.

On Friday, the telecom firm Vodafone Idea has announced that it is considering to raise funds of about Rs. 25000 crore via a blend of equity and debt instruments in installments to meet its payment obligations towards Adjusted Gross Revenue [AGR] dues and further invest in its network operations. This way, it could remain in the race with its competitors. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest updates about the upcoming telecom services, recharge plans, and more. 

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