Tata Sky Shifts Set-Top Box Production to India With its Partner Technicolor

Tata Sky, one of the leading broadcast service providers in India has decided to shift a noteworthy portion of its set-top box sourcing to India. The company made this announcement through an official statement. To design and develop set-top boxes that are perfect for the Indian market, Tata Sky has partnered with Technicolor. The company will then manufacture and distribute the set-top boxes across the country post partnering with Technicolor.

With this move, we can expect that the cost of set-top boxes might descend as these devices will be manufactured locally. This initiative of Tata Sky will be a greater benefit to the customers. The ‘Make in India’ initiative has brought a notable adhesion in the past few months. This has become possible as there are enhanced anti-China sentiments among the Indians. With the recent border issue between India and China, it has become possible to understand the true colors of the nation. 

Tata Sky Shifts Set-Top Box Production to India With its Partner Technicolor
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Besides these issues, the company has brought new changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis across the nation. Harit Nagpal, the MD, and CEO of Tata Sky stated in an official release that Tata Sky and Technicolor will be restoring the production of a group of set-top boxes to India by 2021. He further said that this initiative is arriving in such a critical phase of the entire nation. However, the whole world has been striving hard to get adjusted to the quick changes that are rising due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the directives of both companies, there will be a shift in production and supply chain operations. By simplifying the manufacturing procedures in partnership with Technicolor, Tata Sky is seeking to deliver the Set-top boxes soon to the customers in India. After the Indo-Chine border conflict, many manufacturing companies have commenced manufacturing the products locally instead of relying on Chinese products and equipment.

To compete with other Indian companies, Tata Sky has decided to partner with Technicolor and manufacture Set-top boxes locally. The company has made a key decision at the right time. Moreover, this initiative will further accomplish the ambition of Make in India. However, currently, only a segment of sourcing will be shifted to India, according to the official release of Tata Sky. The President of Technicolor Connected home, Luis Martinez-Amago said that the versatile and adaptable supply chain of Technicolor is particularly worthwhile in unpredictable situations like the one we have been suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He further said, ‘Our supply chain capabilities have proven to be a strategic asset as we offer multiple options to our customers. We remain committed to minimizing risk and total cost of ownership for services providers around the world.’ The customers have major hopes in the current situation that there will be a significant reduction in the price of set-top boxes which is a relief in the pandemic situation. Tata Sky is seeking to make its mark in the set-top box manufacturing sector in India with this move. There is a prediction that with this initiative, the DTH services in India could become much more affordable than before.

It is known that Tata Sky has recently launched 4 new set-top box variants in India. All the brand new set-top boxes are available at different price ranges. The Tata Sky SD Set-top box and the HD Set top box is available at Rs. 1499 each. The Tata Sky Binge pack is another variant available at Rs. 3999 while the last model Tata Sky+ HD box is available at Rs. 4999. All these 4 new variants are available to purchase online. All those who are interested can visit the official website of Tata Sky and purchase any of the preferred Set-top boxes. 

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