Reliance Jio launches Jio WiFi Mesh Router at Rs 2,499

Reliance Jio, one of the major telecom operators has launched a Wi-Fi mesh router recently at Rs. 2499. With this router, the users can easily access the FTTh JioFiber service. As per the latest report, this mesh router enables the users to extend the default Wi-Fi coverage of their previous Wi-Fi router. The company has mentioned the same on its official website. 

It said that the mesh router has the ability to cover an area of about 1000 sq. feet across a floor. However, it must be noted that the functioning range of this router depends on some other external factors such as the signal interference by other WAPs and the positioning of the home gateway in the residence. Besides providing the network coverage range and the price of the new mesh router, the company hasn’t disclosed other details.

Reliance Jio launches Jio WiFi Mesh Router
Reliance Jio launches Jio WiFi Mesh Router

The new offering of the company comes in the middle of the testing of a mesh network-specific offering by Reliance Jio in India. A Karnataka-based electronics maker Neolync Electronics has designed this new surfaced router. The manufacturing company probably works with separate mesh nodes to offer enhanced internet coverage to the users.

The JioFiber subscribers may access some new broadband plans that would operate with its mesh offering. As a result, it renders high-speed internet connectivity at residences. On the Smart Consumer site of the company supported by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the Jio Wi-Fi Mesh router has been spotted alongside the price tag of Rs. 2499. We can find a Jio logo on the top of the router. The router also sports the indicators that tell the Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity status.

On the site, it is also mentioned that the Jio Wi-Fi mesh router is also available on a pan-India basis. Besides this, the company hasn’t revealed much about details about the router on the official portal of Reliance Jio. The company also hinted about the arrival of the Jio Wi-Fi Mesh router on the JioFiber site. On that site, the company wrote, ‘Enjoy the best Jio WiFi Mesh experience in every room of your home with JioWiFiMesh service.’

A video regarding the same has been provided on the popular video streaming platform, YouTube. This video has been available on YouTube since September 2019. The video features a glance at Jio’s mesh service experience to the users. Meanwhile, Airtel has announced Xstream Fiber Mesh router to its users and entered into the mesh technology field. This telecom operator has tied up with Linksys to provide a mesh system alongside 3 nodes. 

The company boasts that this router can cover an area of about 3500 square feet. Airtel also disclosed the annual rental plans to access this router services. It says that the subscribers need to pay Rs. 24999 annually to access the mesh system alongside their broadband network. It is to be noted that Reliance Jio has launched the Wi-Fi Mesh Router after Airtel announced Xstream Fiber Mesh router. Airtel’s mesh router offers internet connectivity at 1Gbps speed. Besides the basic plan, the router is also available with the VIP plan. 

In recent times, Reliance Jio has launched 2 new prepaid plans i.e., Rs. 499 and Rs. 777. With these plans, the users will be able to access a 1-year subscription of Disney+ Hotstar and unlimited cricket streaming. Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and other telecom operators have been striving hard to attract users with exclusive prepaid and broadband plans. Stay tuned to this website to get more updates about the upcoming and latest plans of various telecom operators in India. 

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