REDX Plan Not Impacting Overall Network: Vodafone & Idea

Vodafone Idea, one of the popular telecom service providers has informed the telecom regulator TRAI regarding its premium tariff plan. As per the latest news informed by Vodafone Idea, the premium plan subscribers will be offered higher speeds. This move doesn’t have any sort of impact on the quality of service being offered to other Vodafone Idea subscribers. 

Vodafone Idea submitted a letter to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India that states the usage on its premium plan is referred to as REDX. The total number of subscribers who use the premium plan is just a little. As a result, the REDX plan doesn’t influence the overall network process. On the other hand, the TRAI asked Vodafone Idea to clarify the premium tariff plan that the telecom operator had launched last year. 

REDX Plan Not Impacting Overall Network
REDX Plan Not Impacting Overall Network

Earlier, the regulator asked the operator to prevent taking new subscribers under this premium tariff plan. However, the Telecom Dispute Settlement Appellate Tribunal placed the order of the regulator on stay despite it permitted TRAI to continue its investigation. The major thought behind carrying out this investigation is to find whether the premium tariff plan offers high-speed service to its customers.

Through the submission to TRAI, Vodafone Idea stated, ‘There is an ongoing substantial addition of capacities, optimization and network integration of Vodafone and Idea Networks resulting in more efficient use of spectrum. This all translates into better services despite unprecedented traffic growth.’ It further said, ‘As mentioned earlier, various factors that are beyond the control of the operator can determine the actual delivery of speed to the customers. The same has been duly informed to customers. These factors are the nature of handset, location of access server locations, server performance, topography, etc.’As per the premium plan, the average speed that REDX customer experience is at least 1.5 times compared to the Non-REDX customer. The Vodafone Idea operator said, ‘REDX subscribers have better experience in terms of speed as offered. No impact on non REDX due to REDX priority feature, their speeds have overall increased, with no perceptible difference between overall network download speeds and non-REDX download speeds.’ On the other hand, Airtel said TRAI that it doesn’t have any sort of objection with the premium plan launched by Vodafone Idea. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest updates about telecom service providers and the upcoming plans.

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