PUBG Mobile Likely to Relaunch in India by 2020 End

PUBG game was banned a few months back in India and has shown a massive impact on game lovers. After a few months of the ban, the PUBG Mobile game could make its comeback in India by the end of this year. Due to various reasons like data security, gameplay nature, and more, the Indian Government has decided to ban the most influential game in the country. After the ban, PUBG Corporation separated from Tencent that could lead to lifting the ban. 

On 30th October 2020, as part of the latest development, the servers for India were closed. Further, the game adorers couldn’t play the game in the country. It is expected that the company might announce the return of the PUBG Mobile game for the Indian players this week. Tencent terminated its services to the PUBG mobile servers and transferred the Indian IP Rights to Bluehole [Krafton Inc]. In recent times, Bluehole completely united with PUBG Corp.

PUBG Mobile Likely to Relaunch in India by 2020 End
PUBG Mobile Likely to Relaunch in India by 2020 End

This Diwali festival could be a great feast to the game players with the comeback of the PUBG game in India. The company might announce the PUBG game’s relaunch in the country. As of now, the PUBG Corporation is discussing with cloud service providers to store game-related data of the Indian game players. The PUBG Mobile game could be returned to India by the end of this year.

However, the company hasn’t come up with an official announcement about this news. Due to copious data security issues, the Government of India has banned PUBG Mobile alongside different Chinese apps. By setting up a local data server, these security issues will be resolved. As per a few reports, the Indian Government might have a major problem with the nature of the game itself.

In China, the PUBG Mobile game was never permitted to launch as the government considered it could spread ‘violence’. Considering the same reason, the Government of India also banned the game in the country. We need to wait for how the South Korean gaming corporation handles this matter. Keep in touch with our website to get the latest tech updates, telecom news, and more.

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