JioPages Mobile Browser for Android Launched With 8 Regional Languages Support

Reliance Jio, the leading telecom operator in India has launched its web browser namely ‘JioPages’. The company has designed this web browser based on the Chromium Blink engine. As per the latest report from the company, this browser comes with Emoji domain support, encrypted connection, and more. One of the notable features of this web browser is that it provides support for 8 Indian languages such as Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, and Bengali.

Intending to providing the best browser to the users in India, Reliance Jio has rolled out JioPages. The users can find this browser to download from the Google Play Store app store. This web browser renders a personalized home screen that enables the users to choose any preferred search engine from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, or Duck Duck Go as their default search engine platform.

JioPages Mobile Browser for Android Launched
JioPages Mobile Browser for Android Launched

Another feasibility is that the users can ‘pin’ any website on the home screen to acquire quick access. The company assures that this new mobile web browser has been ‘conceptualized and designed entirely in India.’ The significant features of this web browser include a smart download manager, encrypted connections, localized news content curation, incognito browsing, and more. 

Currently, the company hasn’t launched the iOS version of the browser. As this browser supports 8 regional languages, the users can set the app language and the regional content preferences from the browser’s settings. The noteworthy features of this browser also include a PIN-locked Incognito Mode and an integrated Adblock Plus. 

With the contributions from Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Samsung, Adobe Systems, Opera Software, IBM, and others, the company has developed the Chromium Blink engine. The browser feed populated with content cards that display cricket scores, the latest news, market prices, and more. The browser also sends push notifications to its users for the pages that will impress the user. 

The download manager of JioPages will segregate the users’ downloads based on their file types. To access a tweaked incognito mode of this browser, the users need to enter a PIN. The beneficial Adblock feature will block the maximum number of ads enabling only acceptable ads on the web pages. It also helps users to whitelist domains to display ads.

Despite offering copious beneficial features on JioPages, we have to wait whether the users prefer accessing this new mobile web browser over Google. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest tech news, telecom updates, and more.

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