Google Duo to be Available on Android TV Soon

Google has recently announced that it’s video calling app Duo will be soon available to Android TV. This announcement came after the official announcement of Chromecast compatibility for Google Meet. As per the latest announcement, Google Duo will be available as a native app that enables the users to begin video calls right from their Television screen.

The beta version of Google Duo will be released for Android TV in the imminent future, informed Google. The tech giant is likely to enhance the efficiency of its video calling apps by increasing its reach to various platforms. This way, people can depend on virtual techniques to communicate with their beloved ones than before.

Google Duo to be Available on Android TV Soon
Google Duo to be Available on Android TV Soon

The search engine behemoth made the revelation regarding this feature in a blog post. Besides using the large screen for carrying out business meetings, the latest feature helps people to make video calls to their friends and family members with Google Duo on Android TV. Once the app is available on Android TV, the users can easily initiate one-to-one video calls as well as group video calls right from their Television. 

In case, your TV doesn’t have an integrated camera, you can simply plug in a USB camera for making video calls through Google Duo. Through the blog post, Google said, ‘If your TV doesn’t have a camera built-in, you can simply plug in a USB camera.’ With this initiative, it seems that Google is trying to push its video communication apps to larger screens.

Moreover, the combination of your Television screen and couch will be rather comfortable and appropriate compared to accessing a smartphone or phone. To make video calling extremely engaging and enjoyable, the use of the right devices could bring a great difference, said TJ Varghese, the Product Manager at Google. Earlier, Google introduced Chromecast compatibility for Google Meet. 

With this feature, it renders more adaptability in holding work meetings. Google Duo is also compatible with Nest Hub Max, Nest Hub, and some other smart displays that function Google’s software. In the blog post, one can witness a screenshot of the new feature. It displays the basic ‘Google Duo’ logo present in the top-right corner of the screen.

By pushing this feature, the tech giant is seeking to augment more features to the video calling app. This eventually increases the way people can communicate with others and carry out work-related activities amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With the Chromecast compatibility to Google Meet, it is easy to stream lectures and meetings on the larget screen. This particular feature will run on 2nd-generation Chromecast devices alongside Chromecast and Chromecast Ulta. 

The company might likely replace Google Duo with Google Meet. Earlier, G Suite Head, Javier Soltero said that the availability of two different video calling apps [Duo and Meet] isn’t required. The company might bring a merger video calling app by combining both the apps as ‘Duet’ [Duo + Meet]. To get the latest updates about tech news, upcoming gadgets, and more, just stay tuned to Telecomwire.

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