Google Classroom Will Soon be Available in Multiple Indian Languages

Google, the tech giant has come up with an innovative solution for making online education easy and affordable. The company has recently launched a series of updates to Google Meet and Google Classroom to improve teaching and learning experience to teachers and students respectively. Among copious changes and updates, the addition of the Indian language to Google Classroom is a significant change.

In the current pandemic situation across the world, almost all the educational institutions have been following the digital mode of teaching to its students. Google has been striving hard to bring innovative solutions to the students and teachers with its new products. The tech behemoth has rolled out Google Classroom that turns digital education pretty simpler.

Google Classroom Will Soon be Available in Multiple Indian Languages

The key intention of this web service is to improve the communication between the teachers and students. This eventually helps the students to submit their assignments easily and aids teachers to give the grades based on their performance. With the latest update, Google has launched Google Classroom and updated it by providing access to multiple Indian languages. Google has confirmed this news through an official blog post.

Google Classroom Features

In the current situation, it is extremely difficult to reopen schools or other educational institutions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To evade this problem, most educational organizations have been initiating online education. To make this mode of teaching more easy, Google has come up with Google Classroom. 

Easy Monitoring

This service helps the teachers to monitor about 49 students at once. Despite holding online classes, the teachers can easily keep a track on the students whether he or she is focussing or not. With a bigger tiled view measuring a grid of 7×7, the teachers can view all the total 49 tiles on the screen simultaneously. 

Jamboard Facility

Besides this, the educator will be able to access the Jamboard available on Google Meet if they provide a chance for students to share their ideas during the online session. However, the Jamboard and 7×7 tiles features are currently not available on this service. The company announced that these two features will be integrated into the service soon in September. 

Multiple Indian Languages Support

Another fundamental update launched by Google to Google Classroom is providing access to multiple Indian languages. The company has decided to add more Indian languages to the Google Classroom service. It includes Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, Bengali, and Marathi. This particular will be highly beneficial to the students to understand the concepts in their respective regional languages as well. 

This update helps students to access Google solutions in an effective way. This feature will be launched soon by the company and makes it available on Google Classroom service. Besides the Indian languages, Google Classroom is seeking to bring compatibility with more than 54 languages. As of now, Google Classroom has been already providing compatibility with 45 languages.

Originality Reports

Google is trying to update Classroom originality reports. This way, the teachers will be able to operate originality reports at least 5 times per course. In the case of the G Suite Enterprise users, the tutors can gain access to unlimited originality reports. The originality reports will be available soon in copious languages such as Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Indonesian, Norwegian, and Portuguese.

Google Classroom Improves Teaching & Learning Experiences

Apart from the aforementioned features, Google Classroom also renders statistical details through which the teachers can track the students’ experiences and their adaptability to the virtual environment. To enhance the teaching and learning experiences among the students and teachers, Google is planning to integrate more with various learning tools generally used by schools. It integrates both the native tools and learning tools and renders greater experience to the learners and educators.

Google is also planning to make Classroom service work efficiently sans internet connectivity. In the virtual classroom, the teachers and students accessing Google Classroom will be able to access the widgets like get-to-do and review widgets. It has also designed the update in such a way that the educators can share links among the students through popular platforms such as WhatsApp. Google has collaborated with the Central Board of Secondary Education to provide virtual education training for the teachers in India. In the previous week, Google has joined with the Ministry of Education, Maharashtra to deploy G Suite and Google Classroom for improving education accessible to all the students across the state for free.

Besides Google Classroom, the company has planned to launch more updates to Google Meet and G Suite. All these updates will be beneficial for the students to access education through virtual mode. All these efforts that are being made by Google ultimately make education accessible to everyone virtually. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest and upcoming changes in the telecom sector.

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