Google Chrome Receives Major Improvements, Tabs Now Load 10% Faster

Google, the tech giant has announced a bunch of new changes to its popular browsing platform, Chrome. The company has launched Chrome 85 for various platforms such as Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux operating systems. With the official launch of Chrome 85, Google has added enhanced features to the browser. Some of them include tab management alterations, PDF enhancements, 10 percent faster page loads, and many other developer features.

The users who are willing to access Chrome 85 can update to the latest version just by downloading it from the official website. Otherwise, just use the built-in updater of Google Chrome. Mostly, people use Chrome as a browser and it also works as a fundamental platform for web developers. There are more than 1 billion users of Chrome. Google has announced all these changes on Tuesday officially.

Google Chrome Receives Major Improvements, Tabs Now Load 10% Faster
Google Chrome Receives Major Improvements, Tabs Now Load 10% Faster

10% Faster Page Loads

One of the major improvements Google has brought to Chrome 85 is enhancing the speed of page load by 10 percent. By launching Chrome 85, Google has brought certain enhancements especially the page loading speed. With the improved speed, the users can acquire two advantages. One is profile guided optimization that aims in offering about 10 percent faster page loads. Another gain is tab throttling that aids in diminishing the influence of inactive tabs running in the background. 

Tab Throttling is still in the developing stage. The new feature that the page loads up to 10 percent faster will be rolled out to Windows and macOS users through the Chrome 85 browser. If the CPU is running with several tabs or programs simultaneously, the users can witness a greater enhancement in the speed of page loads. Max Christoff, the Engineering Director of Chrome said, ‘Chrome will give more resources to the tabs you’re using by taking them back from tabs that have been in the background for a long time. We see improvements not only in loading speed but also battery and memory savings.’

Enhanced Tab Management

Another interesting feature that Google will bring soon to the Chrome 85 users is collapsing and expanding the tabs. Besides the ability to load tabs at a faster rate, the new change helps us in grouping up tabs.  Upon launching this feature, Google stated that this was the most requested feature that the team received from people. This particular feature was previously introduced by Google through a beta release at the beginning of this year. This feature may not be available for all the people by default. This feature will be rolled out initially to Chromebooks. However, the company hasn’t disclosed the precise time for rolling out this feature to everyone. 

For those who are interested, just explore ‘Tab Groups’ and manually get them. Once this feature is enabled, just right-click any tab and add it to the existing group or new group. After creating a group, collapse the whole group by left-clicking on the dot. On Android devices, you will find an option to switch to a tab that has been opened already. This suggestion works similarly to accessing Chrome on desktop devices. With the upcoming release, people will be able to hover over a tab and check the thumbnail preview of the webpage. The remaining browsers have been already providing this feature to the users while Chrome is a little late to introduce it. Apart from these multiple changes, the Chrome browsers will be able to use ‘touch-friendly tabs’ for tab previews and tablet mode. 

PDF Improvements

Chrome 85 has introduced another feature that allows you to fill out PDF forms and save them further with your data. It means, if you access the file next time, you can start from where you have left off. As per the latest report, this feature might take a few weeks to roll out officially. For instance, if you print a web page and select the option ‘Save as PDF’ then, Chrome will generate a tagged PDF. 

It means, the tagged PDF comprises additional metadata regarding the document structure. It comprises every detail like headings, tables, paragraphs, image descriptions, lists, and more. Tagged PDFs are extremely beneficial for those who have disabilities and people who access screen reader. To access this feature, just enable it on ‘chrome://flags/#export-tagged-pdf flag.’ The latest improvements to PDF and other changes will be helpful to all Chrome 85 users.

Chrome 85 For Android and iOS Users

Google is likely to roll out Chrome 85 for Android users through Google Play. As of now, you may not find a changelog for Chrome85 in the store. Android users might have already witnessed enhanced features on Chrome like URL sharing to assist people in copying a link faster. This makes it easy to send links to Chrome on different devices and via other apps. On the other hand, Chrome 85 is now available for iOS users on the official app store of Apple. Google also introduced developer features besides the aforementioned improvements through Chrome 85. Origin Trials enables the users to try new features and give away feedback to the web standards community regarding the ease of use, feasibility, and performance of the added features. Google comes with a new version of its browser every 6 weeks or more. As it has already released Chrome 85, it is seeking to release Chrome 86 sometime in October 2020. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest tech news and upcoming releases.

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