Apple Preparing 75 Million 5G iPhones for Later This Year

Apple Incorporation, the tech giant has asked the suppliers to manufacture at least 75 million 5G iPhones for later this year. The company is seeking to launch the whopping number of 5G iPhones alongside the new Apple Watch models, a tiny HomePod, and iPad Air. The largest technology firm anticipates shipments of these 5G next-generation iPhones to reach more than 80 million units in 2020.

The California-based technology firm aims to launch 4 new iPhone models in the subsequent month that offer 5G wireless speeds. These iPhone variants come with a unique design and an extensive choice of screen sizes. On the other hand, Apple is also planning to commence the shipping of lower-end phones in the first place compared to the Pro devices. 

Apple Preparing 75 Million 5G iPhones for Later This Year
Apple Preparing 75 Million 5G iPhones for Later This Year

The company has delayed the launch of 5G products due to global pandemic and recession. The company is also planning to launch a new iPad Air product that sports an edge-to-edge screen similar to the iPad Pro device. Besides this device, the company might launch 2 new Apple Watch versions alongside the first over-ear headphones outside the Beats brand.

Currently, a smaller HomePod speaker is in the working stage, as per the report from the officials at Apple. Apple has been currently developing a new Apple TV box that features a faster processor. With this processor, the company boasts that the users can utilize it for enhanced gaming requirements. The new Apple TV box also comes with an upgraded remote control. As per the latest reports, this product may not be launched and shipped until next year.

Even, the company officials also didn’t respond when asked about the shipping date of the Apple TV box. Due to the outbreak of the perilous COVID-19 pandemic, all the supply chains across the world and the global economy have been disturbed. However, the company has witnessed an immense demand for various Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, and more from the people who are working and studying via remote modes.

Every time, Apple and its manufacturing partners often enhance the production before launching new iPhone models. In 2019 summer, the suppliers prepared the necessary components for about 75 million handsets. The target of the company was similar in 2018. Hence, this year the company aims to make 75 million to 80 million handsets. 

According to the reports, the 4 new phone models will split into 2 basic and two high-end models for the first time. These phones will sport OLED displays offering enhancing clarity and color. The two basic iPhones will sport a new 5.4-inch display size alongside a 6.1-inch variant. The Pro models might sport a display size of 6.1 inches and an increased 6.7-inch display. 

The Pro models will sport the LIDAR Camera that we have already witnessed on the latest iPad Pro device. With this option, users can utilize augmented reality apps. Some other noteworthy enhancements to the new handsets include the addition of a new A14 processor, power efficiency, and upgrading speed. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest updates about the upcoming smartphones, 5G next-generation services, and more. 

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