Android TV Gets Google Play Instant Support to Let Users Try Apps Without Installing

Google, the most popular search engine platform has recently introduced compatibility with ‘Play Instant’ on Android TV that in turn enables the users to try apps and games on the smart TV sans installing them. Google never steps backward in the race of owning one’s living room without any effort. This time, the company has come up with a new initiative by providing new tools like Play Instant, Play Store, Gboard TV, and more for the Android TV developers.

Previously, Google brought Instant apps sometime in 2016. With the Google Play Instant, it provided a facility to the developers to test their apps on Google Play in 2017. Now, the users of Android TV have been receiving compatibility to access new apps and games on their app without exclusively installing them. It provides a 4-digit Google PIN to the users that lessen the need of entering a complete account password on smart TVs.

Android TV Gets Google Play Instant Support
Android TV Gets Google Play Instant Support

In addition to this, the globally popular technology conglomerate has introduced a Gboard TV that acts as a virtual keyboard specially designed and developed for Android TV-based smart Television models. This new move helps users especially when they try playing games needless to download it completely on their Smart TV. Moreover, it helps the users to save their storage space on Smart Televisions. They don’t need to install more number of apps and reduce storage.

With the newly introduced Google Play Instant, it provides a route to the users to test new apps without having to worry about the storage. The developers who want to acquire Google Play Instant compatibility can find a ‘Try Now’ button beside the Install button that we usually find on Google Play store. On the official website of the company, it mentioned that ‘With Google Play Instant, people can use an app or game without installing it first. Increase engagement with your Android app or gain more installs by surfacing your instant app across the Play Store and Google Play Games app.’

The major advantage that the developers may find this move beneficial is the compatibility of the Play Store on the Android TV emulator. This makes it simpler to test various Android TV projects and features in the emulator sans deploying any app on a specific device. To simplify the need for purchasing content on Android TV, Google has also provided a PIN code. Another important point is that Google has replaced the A-Z layout with the QWERTY layout. The newly introduced GBoard TV provides various beneficial features such as predictive typing, speech-to-text, customizations for more than 30 countries, various alignments [left, right or center], and more.

As an alternative input feature in apps, Google has come up with predictive typing and speech-to-text options. Besides all these features, Google has enhanced gaming options on Android TV by providing an auto low latency mode. Through this mode, the developers can disable Android TV post-processing and diminish latency when a game is in fullscreen mode. This eventually enhances the gaming experience of the users.

Google said that there are about 7000 apps by now in the Google Play Store on Android TV. It also claimed that the Android TV active device count every month has developed at a rate of more than 80 percent annually. All these latest improvements made by Google shows that every Android developer and the user can gain enhanced experiences while accessing apps and games on Android TV. To get the latest news about more enhancements in the technology trends, just stay tuned to this website.

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