Airtel Might Not Revamp its Postpaid Plans to Match Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio has recently rolled out its new postpaid plans for the customers. Till now, Reliance Jio has been providing only one postpaid plan to its customers with Rs. 199. With this plan, the postpaid users will access 25GB of unlimited mobile data alongside unlimited voice calling benefits with 100 SMS per day. After using the 25GB of data, the users can utilize the internet by paying Rs. 20 per GB of data that they consume.

Reliance Jio has been offering exciting and interesting plans to prepaid customers compared to postpaid users. This single postpaid plan didn’t impress the users compared to the plans of other telecom operators, especially to the postpaid customers. After a long wait, the company has finally launched new plans to the postpaid subscribers. Several telecom operators have been striving hard to compete with the Reliance Jio by rolling out unique plans with exclusive benefits.

Airtel Might Not Revamp its Postpaid Plans to Match Reliance Jio
Airtel Might Not Revamp its Postpaid Plans to Match Reliance Jio

However, in the case of postpaid plans, Reliance Jio is behind Airtel’s postpaid plans. Airtel offers copious postpaid plans to the customers with some of the noteworthy benefits. Bharti Airtel renders some of the significant postpaid packs to the customers in India. Hence, the company may not revamp its postpaid plans despite Reliance Jio has come up with new plans. 

The postpaid plans to the customers of Airtel commence at Rs. 499. This plan offers 75GB of data benefit to the customers. The final and the biggest postpaid plan is available at Rs. 1599 with 500 GB data per month to the postpaid customers. We all know that Airtel is in the telecom market and it has been offering copious postpaid services to the customers for a long time. Hence, it is obvious that Airtel will be highly aware of the customers’ preferences and requirements.

The postpaid customers are commonly much more trustworthy to the telecom operators compared to the prepaid users. Considering all these aspects, Airtel isn’t likely to revamp its postpaid plans with even better benefits to rival Reliance Jio. Till now, Bharti Airtel has been truly impressive with its postpaid services to the customers. It relies on the prepaid and postpaid customers to earn its revenue on a wider part. Still, it is not in a similar way in the case of Reliance Jio. Mostly, the Reliance Jio company relies on its prepaid users for the maximum part of its revenue.

As of now, Bharti Airtel has more than 15 million postpaid customers. Even after Reliance Jio offering the most affordable Rs. 199 postpaid plan, Bharti Airtel has witnessed consistent growth in the subscribers to the postpaid services offered by this firm. Even if Reliance Jio offers highly impressive postpaid offers to the customers, it may not be a threat to Bharti Airtel. 

The reason is that postpaid plans bring a major difference when it comes to holding its customers. However, they don’t play a key role in adding or enhancing new customers. We assume that Airtel may not alter its postpaid plans even if Reliance Jio rolls out affordable postpaid plans. To get the latest tech news and telecom updates, just stay tuned to this website.

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