Airtel Digital TV Value Added Service Channels: Price and Details

Bharti Airtel, one of the significant telecom operators has many subsidiary firms. Airtel Digital TV is the popular direct-broadcast satellite service provider in the nation. Bharti Airtel is the parent company of Airtel Digital TV, one of the leading Direct-to-Home [DTH] operators in the country. This DTH operator delivers a bunch of broadcasting services to its customers. One such noteworthy service offered by Airtel Digital TV is value-added service channels. 

Compared to the conventional channels, the Airtel Digital TV’s value-added service channels are considerably unique. To a specific group of customers or viewers, these channels render the best DTH services. Airtel Digita TV rolls out abundant value-added service channels to the users. Based on the preferences of the customer, they can acquire a specific channel and watch their desired content. The company has rolled out exclusive channels for seniors and other age groups.

Airtel Digital TV Value Added Service Channels
Airtel Digital TV Value Added Service Channels

Airtel Digital TV offers a total of 27 value-added service channels to the customers. The first channel offered by this company is ‘Malgudi Days.’ This channel broadcasts interesting stories related to the popular characters residing in a small fiction town namely Malgudi. This channel is available for the customers at Rs. 1.5 per day. The Malgudi channel is available on channel number 102.

Mahabharat is the second channel available at just Rs. 1 per day to the customers. This channel can be streamed on channel number 691. Airtel ShortsTV is another TV channel that delivers short-form entertaining content to the subscribers. This channel is available to stream on channel number 259 and charges Rs. 2 per day. 

For those who are seeking content related to fitness and wellness then, Airtel Digital TV provides a channel namely ‘Goodlife’. This channel is available at a cost of Rs. 60 per month and can be streamed on the channel number 415. Some other channels that are available to the customers of Airtel Digital TV include Rahasyamay Kahaniya. This channel is available at just Rs. 45 per month and is streamed on the channel number 130. Another channel is Telugu Talkies that streams on channel number 894 and is available at Rs. 45 per month. The interested customers can choose any of the channels offered by Airtel Digital TV and enjoy uninterrupted services every month. 

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