ACT Fibernet Introduces ACT Shield Virus Protection App

We have been witnessing rapid advancement in the technological trends in the current epoch. Eventually, people have been striving hard to maintain security regarding their confidentiality. As there is an immense use of the internet across the world, internet security has become the primary concern among millions of people globally. Intending to provide utmost security and protection to your data on the internet, ACT Fibernet has come up with innovative service. 

ACT Fibernet, the popular telecommunications industry has launched an all-in-one security app ‘ACT Shield’ that aids in securing your data. ACT Shield app can be utilized by the users of ACT Fibernet upon paying a specific fee. With this app, it is possible to secure your data and browsing information as well from potential hackers. This app renders highly beneficial and secured features to its subscribers for protecting their privacy online. 

ACT Fibernet Introduces ACT Shield
ACT Fibernet Introduces ACT Shield

ACT Shield Features

ACT Shield is an innovative app designed and introduced by ACT Fibernet internet service provider. Some of the key features offered by this broadband service provider include virus protection, multiple device compatibility, highly secure online transactions, and more. This app is currently available only for Android [Excluding Redmi] platform users. As of now, the developers haven’t released the app that supports iOS platform users. This app is also available for Windows and macOS users. Just by subscribing once, the users can access this app on any of their devices. The company has launched this app in partnership with F-Secure internet security software.

One of the significant features of ACT Shield is that it allows hassle-free and highly secured online transactions. These days, most people have been preferring online banking transactions following the ‘go digital’ concept. Security of the confidential data like the debit card or credit card information is highly essential especially during online shopping and digital transactions. With this key feature, one can carry out copious online transactions without worries. Besides data protection, this app also protects your data from spyware, malware, viruses, ransomware, and other trojans.

To keep your kids within their limitations during browsing, there is an exclusive child-safe browsing feature on this app. It evades your children from accessing potentially unauthorized content. ACT Shield app also helps in easy tracking and finding out lost devices. This app aids in handling the lost devices remotely through this beneficial Find-My-Device feature. Besides providing highly beneficial features to the users with this app, ACT Fibernet also offers exciting subscription plans. Check the details below. 

ACT Shield Pricing & Plans

People who are extremely concerned about their data online can choose any of the plans offered by ACT Fibernet. To access ACT Shield features, the users need to select their desired plans. ACT Shield is just an add-on to the existing users of ACT Fibernet. It offers a total of 3 plans to the users. This will be added to their monthly ACT Fibernet internet bill. The first plan is available for Rs. 49 per month. With this plan, one can access this app and its features for a total of 2 devices. For Rs. 69 per month, the users can access ACT Shield services on a total of 3 devices. To access this app on about 5 devices, the users need to choose the final plan available at Rs. 99 per month. Based on the selected plan, the users can get security to their respective devices. 

ACT Shield is a powerful app that secures your confidential and private data from hackers and cyber attacks. As it is in collaboration with F-Secure, the protection offered by ACT Shield has been enhanced. For more broadband services and plans offered by various providers, just stay tuned to this website.

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